Adventures - and misadventures - in 3D printing

The 3D printing rollercoaster

Welcome! to my crazy 3D printing journey! I decided to start a blog about my 3D printing initially to document my own modifications, changes and settings. I’ve only had a printer for a bit over a month now. The more I get into 3D printing, the more I realize that there are a ton of blogs about 3d printing. Yet none of them are geared towards facts, follies, and misadventures.

I really hope to cover a broad range of topics here. I’m hoping not to have too many posts about failed prints, but with any luck, my pain and blogging may help someone else.

The price of 3D printing has come down to the point where anyone can go out and buy a printer for their house, a spool of filament, and join in. 3D printers aren’t exactly complex beasts. A couple of motors to push and pull things in X, Y, Z, one to push or pull the filament through, and something to heat up the plastic. Yet they tend to be intimidating and often frustrating.

You have to be willing to spend some time setting up your new printer, researching mods, learning software, and in general failing. But with some guidance, trial and error, and possibly a large garbage can for your failed prints – 3d printing can really be for everyone.

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